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Hormones, particularly progesterone have the effect of stimulating the respiratory system and increasing breathing contributing to symptoms associated with PMS.
Effects on the breathing in pregnancy can often be felt early on even before the physical effects of the growing baby causing symptoms of breathlessness, the switch into the upper chest and postural discomfort.
As the baby grows, good efficient breathing will help prepare the body and position the baby for birth, encouraging relaxation and controlling pain during labour and giving energy for the final stage!
Fluctuating hormones influence breathing through menopause affecting symptoms such as hot flushes, anxiety and sometimes worsening of allergies and asthma.
The pelvic floor muscle works well when it's supporting muscles are in good shape. The diaphragm (or main breathing muscle) has an essential part to play in good pelvic floor function.
What Physio2Breathe can offer you
You will learn:
  • The effect of hormones on your breathing.
  • How breathing well can help us through all ages and stages
  • Baseline natural breathing as a foundation
  • Breathing techniques for your special area of need 
  • Liaising where necessary with local expertise in physiotherapy for pelvic health