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Room to breathe?
Does you child snore? Have noisy breathing? Complain of feeling fatigued? Have difficulty breathing through their nose? Feel anxious? Have difficulty breathing with exercise?
According to an article in the Brazilian Journal Of Otorhinolaryngology in 2006
“Oral breathing is considered a syndrome and one of the most preoccupying public health's problems today”.

Over the years to date this has not changed but the awareness and focus certainly has.
From the noses of babes...
We were born nose-breathing. If you have any doubts, watch an infant in a blissful state of rest. Mouth-breathing is our backup when we need that extra boost such as sustaining heavy exercise, talking, singing, laughing.
... To the mouths of children
Cuurent literature estimates the percentage of children who predominantly mouth breathe sits at over 50%. Mouth breathing is dysfunctional breathing and the results are significant
The Road to Poor Health
  • Obstruction to nasal breathing e.g. through enlarged tonsils, adenoids
  • Mouth breathing habit
  • Loss of normal influence of tongue, lips and cheek muscles on jaw growth
  • Abnormal bite pattern
  • Compromised airways
  • Restless Sleep
  • Irritability
  • Nasal/sinus health
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Poor emotional regulation and anxiety
  • Poor learning outcomes

So kids,
Using your nose can be tricky at first but it gets better with practice. Your first bit of homework may be to lie down, relax and breathe! Too easy!

You may need to get a doctor to have a look down your nose to see if there’s anything making it hard for your nose to work (adenoids or tonsils for example) If it’s just mucous no excuse – blow it out!

We can show you how to flush your nose clear, the nose trick!

We can even see your breathing wave on a screen – very cool!

Plenty of other games too!

Need further help?