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Designed by Alison McConnell, Professor of Applied Physiology.

Professor McConnell conducted groundbreaking research in the 1990’s at Brunel University’s Centre for Sports Medicine and Human Performance, showing that respiratory muscles, like any other are prone to fatigue resulting in breathlessness, increase in the effort of breathing and reduced exercise tolerance.

POWERBreathe® has not only been used by top athletes around the world but is available on prescription from the NHS in the UK for helping with the treatment of breathlessness in a wide range of diseases

The Metaboreflex
Not only do they fatigue but because these are muscles given the top priority over the rest of the body they literally steal blood from the legs resulting in fatigue, cramping and ultimately reduced performance.

The POWERBreathe® is a simple to use resistive device that strengthens the respiratory muscles.

It has been shown to have significant benefits across a wide range of conditions
  • Asthma
  • Vocal cord dysfunction
  • COPD
  • Sports and Exercise

Although relatively simple to use it is highly recommended that you have a full breathing assessment and instruction before purchasing a POWERBreathe® device to avoid entrenching bad habits!

 It is important to establish a good resting breathing pattern before adding a resistance load.

The K5 POWERBreathe® computer software for assessment and programme setting is available at East Perth and Darlington clinics.

We also have a programme especially for athletes taking you from foundation IMT into sport specific functional training.

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