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The following questions may answer any queries you have about the Physiotherapist service. 

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Don’t physios just clear lungs?
Breathing well goes way beyond lung health. If you have excessive or difficult to clear mucus then of course this will be important but there are many people who have trouble breathing despite perfectly healthy lungs. It’s a lot about how you are using those muscles.

Why has my Doctor suggested I need breathing retraining?
No doubt this was something you were not aware needed changing! It's as simple as 'in and out' isn't it? Your Doctor has looked at your symptoms, possibly performed some tests and identified that the WAY you breathe could be the cause.
There are many triggers that can alter our breathing. It could be the case that the original reason has now passed but the habit remains, a little like a sprained ankle which initially makes you walk with a limp. If this becomes a habit once it has healed and you continue to limp, this will affect the rest of your body until you learn to walk correctly again. You may find the following BradCliff Method® test of use.

Is my child too young to be treated?
It's never too early to start encouraging healthy breathing (see Child development). Starting to talk about good breathing habits can be brought in as soon as you think your child understands. Treatment will all be based around games, nothing serious! Obviously in the older children emphasis will be on them taking responsibility and learning independently.

Aren't I too old to change?
Absolutely not! Differences can be made at any age from pre-schoolers to those who have already enjoyed life well into retirement!

How long will it take to start seeing improvement?
This will depend on your situation and how much practice you are able to do at home. Often, people start to notice improvement in the first few sessions.

How will breathing retraining help asthma?
Looking at how you breathe is a very important part of treating people with asthma, as it is very common to over breathe or hyperventilate even when you have no symptoms or wheeze. This over breathing can cause chest tightness and wheeze. In addition, we will check you are taking your medication correctly, that the inhaler is right for you and that you understand all the other factors that can affect your asthma such as exercise, posture, stress, allergies etc. We also go through recognising when things are deteriorating and how to manage an attack if it does happen.

Do I need a referral from my GP to see a Physiotherapist?
No, you can self-refer. During the initial questioning we may find some symptoms that need further tests to rule out anything that may affect treatment. You will need a doctor's referral if you are claiming for treatment through a third party provider (eg. Department of Veteran's Affairs, Insurance Commission of WA).
Note: Veteran’s Affairs clients do need a doctor’s referral, but one a year is usually fine. If you already have a referral it is good for 12 months.

Can I claim my Private Health on Physiotherapy Treatment?
Yes, if you have ancillary (Physiotherapy) cover on your Private Health you should receive a rebate on our services (including workshops and classes). However, as rebates and services covered can vary between insurers and policies, we recommend you check with your individual health fund to find out what rebates should be expected.

Is Physiotherapy covered by Medicare?
Physiotherapy is only covered by Medicare with a referral from your GP under the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program. You may be eligible for up to 5 allied health (ie. Physiotherapy, Podiatry etc.) sessions per annum covered by Medicare. Your GP must decide whether or not your situation is appropriate to be treated under this scheme. There will still be a gap to pay but Medicare is currently rebating around $54.

Can I swipe my Private Health Card and claim directly at your clinic?
Yes, the clinics have direct rebate facilities. Due to the large number of Health funds some funds do not have direct rebate services; we can check this for you in the Clinic.

How can I pay for my appointment?
Payment should be made immediately following your appointment, via cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

How long does an initial consultation take?
Initial consultation will take an hour followed by 30-minute follow-ups.

What should I wear to an appointment?
Something loose fitting and comfortable. It may be necessary to remove some clothing to accurately assess and treat the affected area but if you have any concerns please let us know.

 Should I bring anything to my treatment session?
Yes please! If you have them, please bring along any scans (X-rays, MRI’s, ultrasounds etc.) , any letters of referral from your GP and any important information related to you complaint.

Do I need an X-Ray or a scan before I come for Physiotherapy treatment?
No, you should not need to have a scan prior to your initial consultation. Your Physio will ask you a series of questions, and may advise you if further imaging to assist in your treatment is required.

If you have further questions and need more information, or if you would like to make an appointment, then please call the Darlington Clinic on (08) 9299 6084 or Physio Atelier on 639801122.
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