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Thinking Outside the Lungs

What we know

  • 1 in 7 people over 40 have a diagnosis of COPD and 29% of Australians over 75
  • Every year 76.600 over 45 year olds are hospitalised due to COPD
  • People with COPD are more likely to experience greater bodily pain than those without
  • Getting fit and strong and paying attention to keeping your lungs clear results in less infections and less hospital admissions as well as improved quality of life

It may surprise you to know that how breathless you are at rest and during exercise is dependent on so many factors than what is shown on your scans and lung function tests.

  • How anxious you are about your lung condition
  • How much or little you are connecting socially with others
  • How confident you are to exercise
  • What your beliefs are about what is actually happening in your lungs from what you may have heard from well meaning friends, family and health professionals
  • Whether you are taking time to look after your lungs using clearance techniques
  • How well you are using your muscles to breathe – are you working too hard?!

The good news is we can help!

Optimal efficient breathing at work rest and play

Co2/O2 monitoring and biofeedback

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Lung clearance methods
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Respiratory muscle training
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